This piece was created by Aerobo Productions in conjunction with Nokia Brand Labs. Nokia came to the team with one question: what can you do with 50 high-quality camera phones?

Paul Trillo decided to attempt a bullet time effect, using the newest Nokia Lumia 1020s. The “Matrix” technique was usually done in a highly controlled, studio setting, but the team wanted to take this to the New York City streets. They ended up custom-engineering a mobile rig that enabled all 50 cameras to capture photos at the same time. The result was an effect that captured the hustle and bustle of New York City, frozen in time.

“Living Moments” won the One Screen Festival Best Mobile film. Check out behind-the-scenes footage hereĀ here.

Director: Paul Trillo
Producer: Brian Streem
Technical Director: Nicholas Tong
Sound Design: Rich Bologna
Soundtrack: “Robots” by John Steven Morgan